Monday, April 16, 2018


I mentioned in a recent post I was going to London for a few weeks. The reason I'm here is because my two granddaughters were playing in the England volleyball finals for girls under 18.  And yesterday was the most fabulous day - they won the gold and Anna (17) was the MVP!!!  Both girls played their sox off and Anna made the winning point in the 5th set!!!  They were playing against Tameside, a team from Manchester, who had beat them twice during the regular season.  Anna and Katie play for Richmond.  Katie is also on the under 16 team and they won the silver medal.  The boys team from Richmond took 2 golds.  These are club teams rather than teams from schools as at home.

 Anna is the bottom row center holding her MVP trophy and Katie is top row, 3rd from right.

Mike (son), me, Sarah (DIL), Anna (17), Katie (15), Diane (DIL), Kevin (son).

Am here for another ten days, but am keeping up with the card world as everyone here will be at work or school.  Will probably go into school with Sarah (head of a primary school in Kingston) several times - help out listening to the younger kids read and all the other stuff teachers need help with - too bad I don't have my stamps with me, I could teach them how to make cards:-)

All for now...



  1. Congratulations to your granddaughters, Betty. You must be so proud! Ah, brings up fond memories - I played indoor and outdoor volleyball in my 30's and do still love watching a game.

  2. Hurrah, hurrah! So happy you went, Betty--wonderful to have both so much family together! Congrats to those talented girls! Absolutely love the family picture--a treasure! Have fun at school, but don't think you're going to decide to unretire--haha!

  3. Yay! Congratulations to your grands, how wonderful that they won and how cool that their grams came over to see it happen. You all rock!

  4. How fun! Congrats to your granddaughters! Bet you're having a wonderful time, Betty!

  5. Brilliant news, and sounds like a wonderful trip! Congratulations to your grand-daughters :-)

  6. How exciting!! Congrats to both your granddaughters ... well done!! You must all be so proud. What a happy looking family! :) Enjoy the rest of your time there and have a safe trip home. xx