Tuesday, December 1, 2015


instead of making cards!!  Two weeks ago I had lunch with a long-time friend and she brought along a pink bootie ornament I had made for her daughter in 1986!!  Needless to say, I didn't even remember doing that, but it was back in my counted cross-stitch days.  Well, Claire is now married and having her first baby (who may well have arrived by now as she went into the hospital yesterday).  Anyway, Meredith wanted me to make a bootie ornament for Madeleine and also for Claire's husband, Greg.  I told her I would see if I still had the pattern (I did - never throw anything away - you might need it 30 years later!!).  It was a challenge tho as I didn't have all of the pattern pieces, but was able to figure it out.  I used pieces of an old quilt to make the new ones and besides the pattern had lots of aida cloth for the stitching.

Meredith picked them last nite and hope by now she is a proud grandma - she was delighted to have them by the time of Madeleine's birth.

Next project was felt ornaments from Memory Box's stocking die.  I have grown grandchildren and usually give them money or a gift card for Christmas.  So made these cute felt ornaments.  

Made them in two layers and left the top open so the gift can be tucked inside.  The picture on the die package shows them sewn with a running stitch, but I didn't do that and think they look just fine.  Very quick to die cut and put together - especially since I had lots of felt and embroidery floss in my stash of crafting stuff!!  Actually made 4 stockings but couldn't get them all in the picture.

All for now - hope to get a few cards made for various challenges this week - busy week ahead and am off to England on the 15th for 3 weeks with my family there.  Thanks for stopping by and love reading your kind comments.  Betty


  1. These are adorable Betty. Have a wonderful trip and safe travels.

  2. How special to make stockings for the husband and baby! Obviously the first one was a real treasure! Love the felt stockings too. Perfect for gift cards!

  3. You are such a talent, Betty! I love your Bootie ornaments so much...what a lovely gift to celebrate a new baby! Great idea to create stockings for your gift cards, too! I think your grandchildren are going to love them, and of course what you put inside :)

  4. Hello Betty, these are a delight. The first ones in particular with the embroidered names and such pretty material. I also like the felt ones and fancy having a go myself. Thanks for sharing them.


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