Wednesday, January 29, 2020


Last week I took a class at Altenew Academy called Mission Inspiration with Nicole Watt.  One of the ideas she had was to create a journal or notebook for sketches, color combinations, fashion and decorating trends, etc. that could be used for card making.  She used a travel journal for her organizing of ideas.  I had a planner I was no longer using and converted it into my notebook.  Here are some of my sections that I've used.

My first section is a reminder page for challenges since most of the time I am too late in getting them done - let's see if this helps me get better.

This section is my idea/inspiration section.  It will include sketches that I like, color combinations and also photos to help me with coloring flowers.  Most of my photos came from some HGTV magazines someone had given me.

I had notes all around with how to make gift cards or gift bags/boxes etc. - now I'm gathering them in this section. 

Now just to carry on with all this wonderful organization I've begun!!!

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  1. Excellent work Betty. I have been making new boards on my Pinterest page

  2. Oh what a great idea! Your notebook looks fabulous!

  3. Great way to make use of the planner you weren't using! I started putting things like instructions together, but of course, I didn't keep it up--haha!

  4. Looks like fun, Betty! I started organizing years ago and hmmm would be nice to find that book - LOL! I especially like your idea of saving flower photos for color combos.

  5. Great ideas! I should also have a reminder page for challenges...I'm getting worse at organizing my time, and I love the idea of having a few sketches on hand! Good for you for taking steps to tackle these things, Betty!


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