Sunday, July 5, 2020


A week or so ago, a friend had several of us over for morning coffee in her beautiful backyard.  It was a lovely morning enjoying coffee, fruit, sweet rolls and being with friends (socially distanced).  The napkins (birds) Sally used were just gorgeous and took one home with me - and this weekend had a play around making a couple of cards from it and another napkin I had.

Had never done this before so had to do a little search on Google - found cling wrap and glue stick methods - didn't have a glue stick and didn't want to get the iron out.  Then had the idea that maybe double sided tape might work (I used 1" wide) - and it worked like a charm -  just laid it on the back of the napkin, making sure to butt up the edges.  Peeled the backing off half way and adhered to a piece of cardstock and then just peeled rest of it off.  Then I ran it through my Gemini, Jr. with a rectangle die - not only did it cut beautifully but also really smoothed out the napkin.  So made two "thanks" cards and left the others blank for future use.  For the leaves that I added, I blended forest moss and crushed olive DI and spattered with some water before cutting out.  Just thought that was a fun addition to those card fronts.  The bird napkin was a much heavier weight than the other one and worked much better. 

Hope all my USA friends have had a good 4th of July weekend - I'm really glad all the boom, boom, booming is over with for another year.  All for now.


  1. Great upscaling Betty, the napkins made lovely bases for your beautiful cards.

  2. Very cool cards with the napkins, Betty!! I know what you mean, some are so heavy you have a hard time using them as napkins - LOL. You think the boom, boom is gone yet - just like a cold 3 days coming, 3 days here, 3 days going - that's my prediction for this neighborhood!! Luckily it doesn't bother Misty the cat, although she didn't like the neighbor jackhammering on his driveway...

  3. Gorgeous Betty. It's always a great way to get some really pretty vintage looking cards using the napkins.

  4. Aren't you clever?! I have a bunch of napkins I bought over 40 yrs ago after a college roommate & I used them on candles. If any are designs I still like, I may try this. Love the addition of the leaves with that design & the bird napkin is absolutely gorgeous as a card! Fritz agrees with you about being glad the fireworks are over! He usually is only bothered for a few minutes, but this year it was 2 hours! Had to put him on a leash & constantly pet him as he laid in his bed or on hubby's lap. Otherwise he couldn't stop pacing. He was worn out & slept once it finally ended about midnight.


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