Sunday, August 12, 2018


Just a little update today - I've been gone for a few weeks and unfortunately my friendly muse seems to still be lost in the north woods of Minnesota - so will just show a few pics of where I've been.
Katherine and John's cabin is in the front and Kevin and Diane's place is in back
View from the deck

view from deck

lone loon

Will have a post for ABNH up on Tuesday and am going to my craft room this afternoon and see if I can find Miss Muse back there!!

All for now...


  1. Wow--don't blame your muse for staying a few extra days, Betty! Gorgeous spot! Hoping your crafty session goes well as your work always inspires me!

  2. What a great place to have visited for a few weeks Betty - The views are spectacular. I'm sure your muse will be back in no time.

  3. LOL - easy to lose a muse up in the north woods, Betty! How beautiful - thanks for sharing!! Wish we could've gotten together.... Maybe next year!

  4. Stunning photos...what a lovely place to sit and contemplate! Always thought a cabin in the woods on lake was a perfect retreat...just never had one.

  5. Gorgeous place to kick back and relax Betty!! Enjoy your holiday! xx