Monday, September 8, 2014


Several weeks ago I was asked by Barb to be a part of the Creative Blog Hop – it’s sort of like a chain letter where you answer some questions on your blog and then ask several others to join in the hop – and so it continues. 

I am a retired library media specialist and teacher and have only been blogging since January.  I have 3 grown children - two live near Fargo, ND and one in London, England.  Four grandchildren (ages 21 down to 11) round out my family.   I live in Lincoln, NE and am a big fan of the Husker football team and also go to all the women's basketball games.  Have been making cards since the late 90’s and in the crafting world since the 70’s when I made macramé plant hangers!  About 5 years ago I found some classes from Jennifer McGuire on Two Peas in a Bucket and became totally hooked on cards – all the other crafts have gone by the wayside since then!!!  I sell my cards in a local gift shop and also make them to order for friends – but mostly I just make them for my own enjoyment.  Playing bridge, reading British mysteries, going to water aerobics every day and making cards pretty much keeps me off the streets!!! 

Now to answer the questions:

What am I working on now?

Have been making some Halloween cards for the shop.  I think Halloween cards are my favorite holiday cards to create - even though I’m a bah humbug person on Halloween and don’t answer the door!!  But love sending them to friends, my kids and grandchildren.  One of my good friends has a bat that comes to live by her front door every summer and she always gets a card from her friendly bat!!  Here are two cards that I just finished.

I also just finished making a basket of cards which will be part of a basket raffle at my parish's fall festival.  I made 25 different cards, added some dividers, a pretty pen and a book of stamps and called it "Cards To Go". 

How does my work differ from others?

I really don’t think my cards are that different from many others.  I like to do clean and elegant cards with enough white space so the eye is not drawn all over the place.  Never do cutesy, big-eyed children or animals (only an occasional cat at Halloween or a rabbit for Easter) and bright colors are really hard for me – love vintage if it’s not overdone with “stuff” but rarely create a vintage card.  I don't jump on too many "trend" bandwagons either.

Why do I create what I do?

I love the challenge of creating special cards that will bring enjoyment to the recipient.  The other reason is that I go away to another place when I’m creating and it’s so totally relaxing for me.  It’s “me” time!  I tune into my favorite classical radio station (KVNO-Omaha) and I’m good to go!

How does my creative process work?

Mostly I play around with stamps, a challenge or an idea I saw on Pinterest.  I keep a little notebook with sketches for inspiration and check out Pinterest and my favorite blogs a lot!  I try to have good balance, repetition of colors or some other feature of good design such as texture.  The other day I redid a card about 6 times before I considered it OK.  The only thing that remained of the original card was the copic colored mum.  
Next Monday you will meet Leni who agreed to carry on the blog hop.  I met Leni through Deb Nolan's Card Chain Challenge several years ago.  Visit her blog and check out her post next Monday to see more of her lovely work.  Here is her bio that she sent me:
Hello, my name is Leni. I live in the Netherlands. To be more precise: In a village somewhere between Gouda (cheese) and Rotterdam (harbour). I have a husband who is very supportive and two children: Jessica and Casper. We love to go out for a walk and a bike ride. I am a supply teacher, and at this moment I haven't a job, but that can change quickly. Since I was a child I am making things with my hands, for example Barbie clothes. Later on I was knitting, sewing, decorating photo albums for my children. Finally I saw stamps in an Amsterdam stamp store and from that moment on I was in love with stamping! I learned a lot by visiting Hero Arts Blog very often and from other stampers. Hope you come and visit my blog: Paperandnature
Thanks for stopping by today and always love your kind comments.  Betty


  1. I really like your card here...you have done a good job here. Such great colors

    Ha a nice day, Lissy

  2. Thank you again for being part of the Blog Hop, Betty! I really enjoyed learning more about you! For example, until recently, I didn't know that you were a library media specialist and teacher during your career, and that you're such a big fan of women's basketball! I also realized that we were creating macramé plant hangers at the same time in the 70's...a hobby I truly enjoyed!

    I love both of your latest Halloween cards! As always, your attention to detail is amazing, and I'm sure the recipient is going to feel very special when they see all the work you put into them!

    Thanks so much for moving the hop forward ...Leni is such a sweet person, and I can't wait to see her Blog Hop post next week!

  3. It was so lovely to read your post Betty, your cards are always so inspirational. It was also nice to read more about you and your creative process!!

  4. Very cool to read more about you--how did one of your kids end up in England? Love Halloween crafts too, although I don't really send cards...I just keep buying the cute supplies!

  5. Hello Betty, I love to read your story! I am still working on finding someone to follw me up :). Love to hear it is so relaxing for you to play with stamps, and how fun it is to make someone happy with a card. For me it is the same!

  6. Hi Betty - I loved reading your bio and learning a little about you - I do like your card style and and agree with your 'never dos' - me either. Also to read about others backgrounds, which are not often 'arty' - so revealing there are many hidden creative talents among the card makers. Sorry I didn't get time to be one of your 'follow ups' - I'd love to share my bit but not sure if I could find others to play along. Cheers and enjoy your week Robyn


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